Full-featured student payments, donor contributions, finance reports and staff administration.

Student Payments

Receive payments using a variety of payment methods, and track student payment history. Apply discounts, add credit memos, and issue refunds when necessary. Create Payment Plans so parents can pay student fees in installments.

Finance Reports

Keep track of payments and monitor finances with payment method and date filtering. Download a .CSV file for easy imports into your accounting software. View a daily finance overview to see total fees, discounts, and payments for each of your cohorts.

Key Finance Features

Online Payments

Align is fully integrated with Braintree and Stripe for collecting online payments.

Payment Plans

Create fully customizable Payment Plans that allow parents to pay off student fees in installments.

Payment Reminders

Configure payment reminders so parents remember to pay school fees on time. 

Automatic Payments

Require automatic payment plan payments through Stripe using the parent’s saved payment method.

Input Payments

Staff are able to input cash, check and bank transfer payments to keep student records current.

Tuition Packages

Create tuition packages that include automatic multi-child and payment plan-based discounts.


Donors can search students and make tuition payments, or parents can share their unique contribution link.

Discounts & Scholarships

Staff are able to discount a student’s tuition or apply a scholarship to a student’s account.

Parent Visibility

Parents can see how much they owe for each student—and in total—on the Family Finances page.

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